The MOPsies


This year for the first time MOPsCON will be presenting our very own award ceremony the MOPsies! We have curated 8 unique award categories for you to nominate both your favorite folks in the MOPs community and yourself!

We can’t wait to celebrate all that the MOPs industry has been able to accomplish and to hear your stories. Check out our awards categories in brief below so you know who you are interested in nominating in these unique categories.


Review the award categories


Submit your nominations


Share the MOPsies with friends to gain support


Attend MOPsCON and the MOPsies

MOPSies Categories

This award is for the newbie that has been showing off their MOPs skills!

Requirement: less than 2 years experience

The Rookie of the Year

This award was made to showcase a team leader and grower.

A person within leadership that communicates, keeps you driven, and deserves a pat on the back for it.

The Executive

Know someone in MOPs that you have seen dropping wise words, words of encouragement, and just being a mentor? Showcase them for being so resourceful and a pillar of MOPs!

The Cheerleader

Know that someone who is at all the MOPs-related events and always has their hand up?

This award is for the MOPs Pro who is always evangelizing to the broader marketing community.

The Preacher

You designed a build and you are proud, this build is gold and it made you do a little happy dance in your swivel chair. Practice made perfect and in this case, it paid off.

Showcase this pride-filled project!

The Practitioner

Have you been geeking over API integrations and read JSON? Connecting webhooks and CDP implementations? If we are speaking the same language then this is for you!

The Technician

You made a moopsie, and it inspired growth for you and your firm.

You learned from the experience and you want to share that growth with your fellow MOPs members.

The Moopsie

Nominate your “how I met MOPs” story for The Meet Cute Award.

Was this romance novel or completely random? We are dying to know how you two met.

The Meet Cute

Now the fun part– Let’s get to nominating!

Submit your nominees and make sure you join us for the first-ever MOPsies Ceremony featuring our MCs, Jake Wild, and a special guest.

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