This year for the first time MOPsCON will be presenting our very own award ceremony the MOPsies! We have curated 8 unique award categories for you to nominate both your favorite folks in the MOPs community and yourself!

We can’t wait to celebrate all that the MOPs industry has been able to accomplish and to hear your stories. Check out our awards categories in brief below so you know who you are interested in nominating in these unique categories.


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The MOPsIES is a free-to-attend award program that celebrates Marketing Operations experts, newbies, and leaders. Join us in celebrating your colleagues with our dynamic duo and co-hosts Jake Wild & Sydney Mulligan.


Brianne Walker

The Rookie of The Year Award

Sheila Head

The Executive Award

Kim Denker

The Cheerleader Award

Darrell Alfonso

The Preacher Award

Loren Posendek

The Practitioner Award

Todd Sprinkel

The Technician Award

Amy Goldfine

The Moopsie Award

Tyson Jurgens

The Meet Cute Award


Jason Raisleger

The Comedian Award

Helen Abramova

The Humanitarian Award

The Rookie of the Year

For the MOPs newbie with awesome skills.

The Executive

For the executive leader that is supporting their MOPs team.

The Cheerleader

For the MOPs peer that is always cheering you on.

The Preacher

For the MOPs practitioner always spreading the good word of MOPs.

The Practitioner

For your best build as a practitioner.

The Technician

For the nerdy developer who has a great story about how code saved the day.

The Meet Cute

The story of how you fell in love with MOPs

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