Burning Down the Charts: A MOPs Managers Guide for Agile Transformation Success

Are you a MarTech/Ops manager responsible for defining strategic roadmaps, but the day-to-day of running an Ops team constantly derails your best plans?

This session will show you the gritty journey operational leaders can forge to navigate their teams through effective prioritization of unplanned work with planned deliverables.

MOPs Managers will learn:

  • Agile fundamentals to transform your traditional waterfall mindset into newer agile concepts.
  • Positioning the benefits of Agile methodology to your team, your peers, and your leaders for operational buy-in.
  • How to leverage Agile ceremonies and charts for process improvement, effective work delivery, burnout prevention, and more!

    Join this session for real talk breaking down the amorphous concept of an Agile Transformation for Marketing Ops team success in burning down your charts!