Becoming a Solutions Architect: How to Speak Marketing and Technology

Does your career path in marketing operations feel more like an escape room challenge than actual career development? If you feel your opportunities are limited because you are looked at as exclusively a technology expert there is hope. Take your technology expertise and expand your voice from being known for technology to representing end to end solutions. In this session, learn how marketing solution architects are strategic partners with marketers, and how your career growth opportunities can come from you. We’ll discuss:

  • Moving from a technology focus to being outcome focused
  • Developing your marketer EQ so you are considered an integral part of marketing
  • Elevating your voice within the marketing organization

The key takeaways include:

  • An ability to escape from the constraints of the “technician” perceptions holding you back
  • Confidence in how you communicate the value of your contributions (delivering outcomes)
  • A roadmap for how to look for roles that map to your career development goals