Tony Yang

Cofounder & CEO @ RevOptica

With over 15 years of B2B marketing experience in SaaS, Tony is considered a “full-stack marketer” and marketing technologist. He’s built and led teams in various functional areas, including demand generation/growth, product marketing, account-based marketing (ABM), product-led growth (PLG), sales development, and marketing/revenue operations. He was formerly the VP of Demand Generation & Marketing Operations at Mintigo (predictive analytics startup, acquired by Anaplan), VP of Marketing at Qordoba (NLP writing assistant, rebranded to Writer), and has been a mentor to entrepreneurs at several startup accelerator programs. Today, he serves as a fractional CMO and marketing consultant for early- to growth-stage startups, and is also the CEO & Co-founder of RevOptica – a buyer journey visualization and analytics platform for B2B go-to-market teams.