Improving Sales and Marketing Alignment with Operational Empathy

As MOPs professionals, we often feel like we aren’t getting traction, especially when working with sales teams – in essence, we do not always feel trusted in our expertise. 

This session advocates for improved sales and marketing alignment by: 

1. Splitting the Funnel (giving lower intent leads to a different path and level-setting expectations) 

2. Using SFDC page layout information strategically (make important info easy for sales to see, and consider hiding sources where bias may occur) 

3. Form functional relationships through SCALE (Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Likeness, and Equity) 

4. Leverage internal campaigns to promote marketing initiatives (think internal nurtures and newsletters). Sales and marketing alignment is not an achievable end goal or something that can be perfected; however, the pillars of this presentation serve as frameworks to move in the right direction – building confidence and TRUST with sales stakeholders. 

Key takeaways include specific examples of executing the four approaches through examples, visuals, and tips: 

  1. Splitting the Funnel
  2. Page layout optimization
  3. Building trust with SCALE
  4. Internal marketing campaigns