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Eric Potter

Eric Potter

Senior Manager of Product Management @ TechTarget

Eric Potter is the Senior Manager of Product Management at TechTarget where he is helping business leaders capitalize on buyer activity for stair-step improvements in sales and marketing performance. Eric’s efforts focus specifically on helping tech companies accelerate their businesses— leveraging the power of real, contact-level, purchase intent data. Having spent most of his career in MOPs in B2B SaaS businesses, Eric has deep experience orchestrating intent, and other types of marketing and sales data across MAT, CRM, and diverse data orchestration platforms. Eric is passionate about enabling revenue operations teams to orchestrate data to accelerate their deal lifecycles while loading up pipelines with the right prospects.

Chelsea Rosenberg

Chelsea Rosenberg

Head of Talent and Culture @ Etumos

As the Head of Talend and Culture at Etumos, Chelsea is passionate about people and skilled at building and maintaining relationships and processes that push businesses to their greatest potential. She has almost a decade of experience directly impacting the growth of organizations, and more importantly, the people at the heart of those organizations who make it all possible.

Kyle McCormick

Kyle McCormick

Senior Manager, Marketing Technology & Operations @ Palo Alto Networks

Kyle McCormick is Senior Manager of Marketing Technology and Operations at Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader. Kyle is responsible for planning and designing the global MarTech stack, and his team is responsible for building scalable and efficient processes in Marketo, supporting over 400 marketers around the world. As a 3x Marketo Champion with over 7 years of marketing technology experience, Kyle has managed MarTech stacks at companies ranging from startups to global enterprises and always tries to make martech stacks more efficient.

Beth Massura

Beth Massura

Marketing Operations Consultant @ Etumos

Beth is a 3x Marketo Champion and MCE with 15 years of marketing and project management experience. As a Marketing Operations consultant at Etumos, Beth shares her passion for systems design and documentation. She also enjoys motorcycles and genealogy research.

William Lum

Marketing Technology Dreamer @ MarketingOptimized

William Lum is a seasoned Marketing Operations professional with a love for automation and data science.

His years at Eloqua seeded his understanding of the challenges marketers face across industries, different companies sizes, and team capabilities. Then, his tenure at Adobe ingrained the thinking that everything marketers do must be tracked and analyzed and must coordinate experiences across mediums.

Now, he is a champion for unifying the user experience with architecture such as fully automated event management, ongoing testing structure for nurture programs, automated lead management, sales feedback processing, predictive lead scoring, tracking and attribution improvement, and more.

Justin Norris

Sr. Director, Solutions Architecture @ Perkuto

Justin Norris is the Sr. Director of Solutions Architecture at Perkuto, a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect, and a 4x Marketo Champion. His career spans nearly 15 years in marketing and 10 years in revenue operations. He’s helped dozens of Fortune 1000 companies and high-growth startups transform their revenue operations through the strategic use of automation and process optimization. Justin leads the Solutions Architecture team at Perkuto, helping design scalable solutions and best practices with Marketo and Workato.

Jessica Kao

Senior Director of Demand Operations @ F5

Jessica is a Marketing Operations thought leader passionate about working with companies to operationalize and scale marketing strategy and create the infrastructure for a metrics driven team. Her expertise focuses on B2B Enterprise SaaS companies. She’s passionate about mentoring, inspiring, and leading the next generation of marketers. She’s a data and analytics junkie, 6X Marketo Champion, 2020 Marketo User Group Leader of the year, an Adobe Fearless 50 Marketer, 2018 Marketo Champion of the Year, and holds a PhD in Cancer Biology from Stanford University.

Helen Abramova

Marketing Technology Lead @ Verizon

Helen Abramova, Marketing Technology Lead, Verizon. 4x Marketo Champion, MOPsPROs Ambassador, Marketo Revvie Award Winner, and Washington DC Marketo User Group Leader. Having diverse experience and background, Helen found her passion in helping B2B organizations build and manage marketing operations and technology. Avid runner and cyclist.

Ben Pollack

Ben Pollack

Head of Growth Marketing @ ChartHop

Ben is the Head of Growth Marketing at ChartHop, an HR technology and people analytics company that has raised $54M in venture funding to date. Ben oversees the architecture of ChartHop’s MarTech stack & marketing operations, in addition to leading all demand campaigns and growth channels.

With experience at multiple high-growth B2B software startups, Ben is no stranger to leveraging modern marketing technology to empower growth across the customer lifecycle, including pipeline, revenue, and retention.

Ben holds a bachelor’s degree from Amherst College and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Adrian Cardelle

Adrian Cardelle

Marketing Operations Specialist @ Elastic

Adrian is a Marketing Operations Specialist at Elastic (a distributed, free and open search and analytics engine). Her background in marketing has been managing channels and marketing campaigns, creating dashboards in Marketo, Google Analytics, and Salesforce, creating and identifying back-ups, and ensuring transitions between lead and customer lifecycle stages, and architecting nurturing and lead scoring frameworks.

She has her MCA certification (pursuing my MCE next), while also having other certifications and technical experiences with platforms such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, Drift, Zoominfo, WordPress, and more.

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