It’s Getting Hot in Here: Making Documentation Sexy

How can a topic so hot, so important, so vital to our day-to-day become so… dull? No matter how much you know that documenting how you do things is essential to the business, documentation is a skill, and many people find it hard. To top it all off, it seems like nobody in the industry ever reads it; they keep coming to you for help anyway. Yeah, sometimes users are lazy and take shortcuts. Often, users are well-meaning, but they are busy too. Their lack of compliance could be because the documentation doesn’t help them understand: maybe it’s too long, too complicated, not visual enough, not kept in the place users need it, isn’t contextual, and is full of jargon only experts understand. But we can help you fix that. Let two industry experts show you how documentation can be sexy. 


  • Different approaches to documenting core processes
  • Communication techniques practiced by us in the real world
  • Concrete examples of playbooks/documentation formats
  • Tips for putting your documentation in the context of your system