MOPs and SOPs, Partners in Growth

The MOPs partnership with SOPs is likely the most important relationship to build and nurture. Yet, it doesn’t get as much airtime as marketing and sales alignment gets. When MOPs and SOPs work as power partners, the business thrives. This session will dive into the MOPs and SOPs working relationship and share our ways of working and experiences that fuel business growth. 

Here are the key takeaways from our session: 

  • Success starts with collaboration
    1. Understanding both sides of the business.
    2. How do we plan, prioritize, and support each other. 
  • How we work together to support the growth engine
    1. Enabling smooth handoffs among marketing, BDRs, and AEs for new inbound leads, campaigns, and other ad-hoc initiatives
    2. Aligning marketing and sales through technology. 
  • It’s still about the numbers
    1. Closing the data gap by tackling inefficiencies and inaccuracies
    2. Where does reporting live, and what’s the source of truth
    3. Building dashboards & reports that matter 

Learn all of this and more from Veronica Lazarovici, Marketing Operations Manager at Alma, and Doris Hu, Director of Sales Operations at Alma.