Personalities, Politics, and Operations – The Perfect Storm

Successful Marketing Operations professionals are much more than process, data, and systems. To be an effective MOPS Professional, having the technical and operational chops are only part of the equation; you have to have the soft skills. Without these, it can be challenging to get stakeholder support for our initiatives, budget, headcount, promotions, or respect. 

As MOPS veterans, Mollie & Courtney have faced their fair share of challenging stakeholders and have made many bad decisions! But through it all, they have learned how to navigate personalities and politics to influence positive outcomes. They know first-hand how difficult situations often turn themselves into the best learning opportunities. Reflecting on what they did right (and wrong!) helps them understand what to do the next time differently. In this session, we will share our real-life MOPS experiences (and nightmares) to help you navigate the world of operational soft-skills, empowering you to take a more consultative approach and produce better outcomes. 

A few of the scenarios being covered: 

  • How to disagree with stakeholders with fact and not emotion,
  • How to work with difficult personalities (bulldozers, indecisives, know-it-alls)
  • How to advocate for budget and resources
  • How to navigate the politics to get the proper outcomes 

You will leave this session with a new perspective, based on real-life scenarios, on how to level-up the soft-skills needed to navigate corporate politics and effectively advocate as a marketing operations professional.