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Navigating Your Evolution from Marketing to Tech

So you’ve dipped your toe into the world of MarTech and you’re curious to see where it can take you. In this session, we’ll dive into information that can help you hit the ground running in a new MOPS role. You’ll get insights that can reduce the stress of transitioning, and quickly increase your effectiveness.


  • Resetting expectations and adapting to a group.
  • Identifying new KPIs and key contacts.
  • Speaking the same language as your new stakeholders and working partners.
  • Plotting a new career trajectory.

Before, During, and After: The Ultimate Marketing Automation Migration Checklist

It’s more than moving images and assets. When leading a migration to a new platform, this is your chance to build everything the right way from the start. Here’s the checklist I used to lead two migrations from other platforms to Marketo.

Key takeaways will be:

  • Discrete steps and checklist items to watch for during each part of the migration: planning, execution, and post-migration/optimization.
  • Tips and tricks learned during previous migrations.
  • Learn from my mistakes and so you don’t have to!


Marketing’s Role in Product Lead Growth

Today, software seemingly shows up in the workplace, unannounced. End-users find what they need, tell their boss, and then it’s adopted. All in the blink of an eye–or so it seems. This is Product Lead Growth–an end user-focused growth model that relies on the product itself as the driver of adoption. PLG tends to assume sales and marketing aren’t required and software is simply adopted, but we argue there is a spot for marketing within the framework.

Marketing and Product teams rely on one another to truly excel in Product Lead Growth.

This session will focus on the role each plays in order to drive customer acquisition, conversion, and expansion.

Becoming a Solutions Architect: How to Speak Marketing and Technology

Does your career path in marketing operations feel more like an escape room challenge than actual career development? If you feel your opportunities are limited because you are looked at as exclusively a technology expert there is hope. Take your technology expertise and expand your voice from being known for technology to representing end to end solutions. In this session, learn how marketing solution architects are strategic partners with marketers, and how your career growth opportunities can come from you. We’ll discuss:

  • Moving from a technology focus to being outcome focused
  • Developing your marketer EQ so you are considered an integral part of marketing
  • Elevating your voice within the marketing organization

The key takeaways include:

  • An ability to escape from the constraints of the “technician” perceptions holding you back
  • Confidence in how you communicate the value of your contributions (delivering outcomes)
  • A roadmap for how to look for roles that map to your career development goals

Being a Marketing Operations Unicorn – How to Hire One, Train One, and Become One

Unicorn. Hydra. Chimera. I’ve heard of great Marketing Operations people referred to as all of these. What do they all have in common? They’re all mythical creatures, which indicates that even the people who aspire to be a great MOPs practitioner or leader think it’s an impossible achievement. Only it isn’t, because many people have achieved it.

I am going to share the secrets I have acquired over more than a decade of MOPs experience and collected after extensive interviews with some of the best “mythical creatures” in the biz.

Questions we will answer:

  • What are the practical steps you can take to be better at your craft?
  • As a hiring manager, how do you identify true MOPs potential in an untrained candidate?
  • As a marketing leader, how do you identify, create, and support high-performing MOPs teams?

How to Crawl, Walk, and Run with Intent Data

The objective of this presentation is to assist MOPs professionals in guiding their marketing teams to the successful adoption of external intent data sources such that their capabilities can be leveraged effectively and their impact measured usefully in their marketing automation and CRM systems.

We will cover key learnings to date from dozens of implementations, including challenges overcome and pitfalls to avoid as teams begin (crawl), come up to speed (walk), and aspire to innovate (run) with purchase intent data.

Burning Down the Charts: A MOPs Managers Guide for Agile Transformation Success

Are you a MarTech/Ops manager responsible for defining strategic roadmaps, but the day-to-day of running an Ops team constantly derails your best plans?

This session will show you the gritty journey operational leaders can forge to navigate their teams through effective prioritization of unplanned work with planned deliverables.

MOPs Managers will learn:

  • Agile fundamentals to transform your traditional waterfall mindset into newer agile concepts.
  • Positioning the benefits of Agile methodology to your team, your peers, and your leaders for operational buy-in.
  • How to leverage Agile ceremonies and charts for process improvement, effective work delivery, burnout prevention, and more!

    Join this session for real talk breaking down the amorphous concept of an Agile Transformation for Marketing Ops team success in burning down your charts!

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